Details in Instruction Booklet

by Holly

I am planning on having my first murder mystery party at my birthday in January. However, I had one question.

Do the instruction booklets have information that people who are playing the game shouldn't know?

I ask because while it's my idea to have a murder mystery I don't want to be the host character.

Someone else is playing that role.

Please let me know!



My response

Hi Holly,

If you're talking about a game on this website, the character booklets for each character only give information for that character.

The host gets detailed instructions with all the information that they need (including the identity of the murderer).

But the player booklets don't contain that information.

(At least, they don't for the games on this site - I can't answer for other murder mystery games, but it would seem a bit weird to me if they did!)

I hope that helps - if I haven't answered your question fully please ask via the comments below.

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