3 minute murder/mystery (Q&A) game with several cast members

by Rose Erba

We are hosting a 3 minute “skit” themed from the movie Harry Potter. I’m looking for an easy (quick pro quo) q & a game where we have an interviewer asking several cast members a question in order to find the “killer” or to solve some type of mystery. What might you suggest for something short, mysterious, and with several cast members (2 tables) to participate in for a short but interesting “3 minute Murder/mystery” to solve? Everyone will be in costume and but we will not have different scenes or props to utilize. Cheers mate!

My response:

Alas, I can't think of anything along those lines. Not that quick, certainly.

I guess you could take one of the Mysteries-on-the-Net games and adapt it. They involve several named suspects with detailed histories - but you'd then have to create some questions for the interviewer. (Normally the suspects circulate amongst the detectives who then ask them questions over an evening.)

But I suspect it's as easy to create something yourself, given that you've only got 3 minutes.

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