Abraham Lincoln's murder


You have a wonderful site -- I appreciate your offer to use your information free of charge as long as you are credited.

I'm a professional writer--some of my books have to do with the Civil War. Because of my background in writing about the Civil War, I've been asked to write lesson plans for the middle school and high schools across our country--the plans have to do with the Lincoln Bicentennial endorsed by Congress. The schools won't be charged for the lesson plans. If you'd like to provide game information, I can't pay you, but I will make sure you are given clear and full credit in the lesson plans --who knows how many kids and educators might see your name and contact you later . . .

I'd like to set up a game for a typical classroom (20-30 students) in which the kids and their teachers take the parts of the following historical figures: Booth and his conspirators; Allan Pinkerton and his detectives; Lincoln and the three witnesses in the box at Fords's. Do you have any games that might fit the assassination of Lincoln? A game I could twist around to fit the assassination and hunt for Booth?

My response:

Thanks for the kind words about my site - and what a great idea to base some kind of game around Abraham Lincoln's murder. (Although I'm not sure it would count as a murder mystery!)

Unfortunately, I don't have the time or resources to write such a game, and I also can't think of any existing games that either suit, or could be adapted.

It has made me wonder what other historical events could be written about, though...

Thanks for your query - I really wish I could help!

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