Adapting Casino Fatale

by Dave Mellows
(England )

Is it easy to adapt a game eg Casino Fatale?

I have 26 friends on a weekend away in a hotel and I would like to organise a murder mystery in the background of the weekend, something for people to work with over the two nights.

I would like to change the names to the peoples real names and give each the back story for their character as written in the game, and then play the game as designed.

Is this possible or does it spoil the game too much, or is there a better game you would recommend that runs over 2 nights ..thanks Dave

My response:

Hi - Casino Fatale (and other games by Freeform Games) is provided in pdf form, but if you ask them they will let you have the MS Word files that you can edit and change the names.

Changing the names is fairly easy (although you will need to be careful to catch them all). I don't think it will spoil any of the plots.

The game is designed to be played over a single evening - you'd have to think about how you slow it down to a weekend (there are timed events that you can space out, for example).

I can't think of another game that would suit being split over a weekend - they're all designed to be played over 3 hours or so.

I hope that helps.

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