curse of the pharoah 8 players

I have purchased the Curse of the Pharaoh but only have 8 guests and myself as the servant.

Which 8 characters do we use, the list includes 19 people. Not 6-9 as stated.

My response:

The instructions for Curse of the Pharaoh are not as clear as Freeform Games' other games, and it's not helped as it sounds like you have the 10 extra characters as well.

However, the instructions (game_cotp_main.pdf) tell you what to do.

"Casting" on page 4 lists all the characters for the main game, and "Help I don't have enough guests!" on page 6 tells you which characters you can drop if you don't have everyone.

(I'm being slightly cagey about the exact names to avoid giving away any spoilers.)

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