Death on the Gambia Commercial Licence

by Lorraine

Hi there, I'm from Zimbabwe and we played Wild Wild West last year for my daughter's 18th birthday! It was such a hit with everyone that we'd like to try host another one this year and we've chosen Death on the Gambia. I've downloaded it and it looks like so much fun!

Because the games are so great and unique, I have been thinking that it would be fantastic if I could offer it to other folk here too by hosting parties once every 3-6 months (if possible!)

I don't know yet whether people here would be interested in this kind of venture, and I thought maybe a trial game would be needed to gauge interest. However, I have carefully read through your terms and conditions and noted that if I were to charge a fee for hosting, then I would be required to buy a commercial licence for each game. Please could you let me know how much this would be, what it entails and how I could go about it to see if this consideration would be worthwhile. I also see that you have an affiliate option and I would like more information on this.

I value your input and look forward to your response.

My response:

For Death on the Gambia, if you want to run it commercially (ie, make a profit), then you need a commercial license.

I don't sell these through this website, they are available only through the publishers - Freeform Games. If you let me know your email address I will get in touch with them for you, or you can do that yourself (contact details for them are in the Death on the Gambia instructions).

Similarly Freeform Games has an affiliate programme (which includes Again, find out more from Freeform Games.

Click here to learn more about Death on the Gambia.

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