Game for one guesser?

by Eliza
(New York, NU, USA)

My friend's birthday is coming up, but we are all stranded at home because of the pandemic. In lieu of a party, we thought a murder mystery would be the perfect birthday weekend activity for her. Since we'll all be separated, I'm looking for a game that she could solve by talking to the game participants, but not something that would involve everyone else having to be interactive like a typical party.

I looked into St. Cake's as we'll have 100-ish people involved. Would the game work if we gave her a list of characters/people and she could solve it on her own by interviewing everyone? It would be great if it took her more than three hours, but wanted to make sure that it is solvable within a few days by one person. Thanks!!

My response:

The games on this site are all party games, designed to be played over the course of an evening. They're fun activities - and often the murder is only part of what's going on.

St Cakes works by grouping your guests into teams, and I don't think it would do what you're trying to do.

The closest would be the Mysteries-on-the-Net games which have a small number of suspects (8-10 or so) and then everyone else is a detective trying to solve the murder.

But I don't think either of those are what you're looking for.

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