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by Mike

I am planning this event for my girlfriends 25th birthday. We recently attended a murder mystery dinner at a local theatre and had a great time. She does not know about this yet, I plan on giving her her information package the day of the party - this Saturday.

I have read everything except the character sheets as I am not sure how many guests I have yet. Although I know I can start reading the basic six.

I am wondering if you can explain the Last Dying Breath Card a little more for me. Can you list some popular examples of last actions? Can they kill someone as a last act? Would that begin another Paper Rock Scissors? Can they heal themselves?

My response:

Hi - I'm not sure which game you've purchased, but clearly you're talking about a Freeform Games game.

The With Your Last Dying Breath card basically allows someone who has been killed (whether it's through poison or in combat or whatever) to make one small action - and to have a fun death scene.

So no, they can't heal themselves, and they can't kill another player. It's just something that (hopefully) takes the sting out of dying before the end of the game.

(And as you know, you can't kill anyone until you're over half way through the game, so if a character is killed, they're not sitting around with nothing to do for that long!)

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Jan 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi Mike,

Just to confirm what Steve's said here -- see p5 of the instructions, it says re the shirt piece: "NB you will only need this if you are using Mel Squant, otherwise it isn’t required".

Hope you have a great time with the game!

best wishes,

Mo Holkar

(from Freeform Games, the publishers of Lei'd to Rest)

Jan 20, 2010
And more answers
by: Steve

Thanks for letting me know which game. Although clicked through from this site (I hope!), the transaction takes place at the publisher's website so I don't actually know which game you've bought.

Okay, your questions...

The first aid kit - you get to choose. Although it's unlikely that you'll have more than one person to use it on at any one time. So use it on the first.

The piece of shirt - if Mel isn't playing, don't use it. (See section 9 of the instructions. It's not explicit, but it certainly implies that you only use the piece of shirt if Mel is in the game.)

Jan 19, 2010
response - more questions
by: Anonymous


Thank you for the quick response. The game I am referring to is Lei'd to Rest.

If I have the first aid kit - I am still limited to the two uses correct? Do I choose who I save? Rock paper scissors maybe??

Also, if Mel is not involved, what do I do with the peice of the shirt?


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