Murder mystery at the office held over several weeks

by Taylor
(Roseville, CA)


I want to host a murder mystery for my office. My idea is to run it for the next few weeks and have the murder revealed at our Halloween Party.

We work in a busy office so we don't have time to run a whole story from start to finish in one day.

I was thinking of assigning some members of the office as characters and people who don't want to be a character can just be investigators.

Maybe introducing new clues every couple of days or something? Any ideas or recommendations??

Thank you.

My response:

Hi - wow, that sounds like fun. However, I don't know how I would do that as the party games here are all designed to be played over the course of an evening in one go. I'm not sure how I'd try to space them all out.

In terms of the players & detectives idea that you mention, you might want to look at Mysteries-on-the-Net as their games are structured that way: 8-10 suspects with detailed backgrounds, and everyone else is a detective.

But as for spreading the clues over several weeks, I'm not sure how that would work.

I suspect it would be easier to plan to have a murder mystery at your Halloween party, and spend the next few weeks dropping teasers to whet everybody's appetite.

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