A question about Night of Mystery

by Eric

Have you heard of the company: "Night of Mystery.com"? I'm just wondering if these mysteries are freeform mysteries.

My response:

I've heard of Night of Mystery.com, but I don't really know their games. I've not seen one in detail - but from what I can tell on their website the games appear to be "freeform" in style.

(However, they appear to be partly scripted and don't appear to be as completely interactive as those by Freeform Games.)

Unfortunately they don't offer a refund if the game isn't to your liking. If you try one - do let me know how it goes!

Update: See the comments to find out why I'm not particularly impressed with Night of Mystery...

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Oct 08, 2015
They do not value their customers NEW
by: Anonymous

Wouldnt let me upgrade when my guest list turned out to be larger that I had initially expected. This is common when you throw a part - people don't always RSVP in time! I was sort of amazed at how inflexible this company was. Would not recommend and will not buy from them again.

Dec 08, 2014
Terrible customer service
by: Anonymous

The company tried to make me pay twice for a party because they sent the wrong info. I will never recommend them or use them again.

Dec 08, 2014
Terrible customer service
by: Anonymous

The company tried to make me pay twice for a party because they sent the wrong info. I will never recommend them or use them again.

Jun 02, 2014
Always turned out great
by: Jonas

Every murder mystery I have either hosted or gone to with a night of mystery murder mystery turned out great. It seems like a site that gives everyone enough to do, and is always tons of fun. I've tried the knight of murder, till death do us part, murder at deadwood saloon, and murder among the mateys.

Sep 28, 2011
Had a great experience!
by: Anonymous

Hello. I have used Night of Mystery and had no problems. I found the games to be intriguing, fun and when I emailed with questions, got a great response. Their message board is the best and filled with ideas. My guests can't wait for the next one. We're planning our second one for this Halloween!

Jul 15, 2010
Night of Mystery a SCAM!
by: Anonymous

I paid $40 for a mystery from the website "Night of Mystery" and promptly received a receipt to my email... however, there was no link to download my mystery. I waited for another email. None came. I tried to log back into the website and it stated on my login that I had not made a purchase.

I forwarded the emailed receipt to the info person listed on the website and got no response. I also called the phone number listed on the website- you guess it... NO RESPONSE! After 3 emails, 2 phone calls from me and one from my husband, and STILL NO DOWNLOAD info, we had to dispute the charge, notify BBB and order another mystery from another website.

Jan 07, 2008
Thanks Mary
by: Steve


Thanks for the heads up - I'll steer clear of them in future!


Dec 23, 2007
Ripped off Dinner and a Murder
by: Mary Lee

She actually ripped off Dinner and a Murder. She bought one of my games about 4 years ago and then released one almost exactly the same. I mean in every way, even same theme. Different characters were the only difference. She didn't even bother to reword things, as she told me, you cannot copyright rules and my whole system I developed is considered a rule. I asked her to at least use a little imagination and change something to make hers unique from mine and she told me that if I would tell her what to change she would change it!

Her themes are almost exactly like mine and every time I mentioned releasing a new theme, she came out with the same theme first. Fortunately for me, you cannot steal talent too;-)

She used to really bother me, but I have had too customers tell me horror stories about her and her business. It still bothers me in the fact that when someone puts out a bad game, it hurts the rest of us, as we have all just lost a potential future customer.

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