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Murder mystery parties for serious sleuths!

Mysteries on the Net write mysteries for serious sleuths - you really need your detecting wits about you to solve these mysteries. In these games the emphasis really is on solving the mystery - there's nothing else to get in the way and distract you.

Death in them thar hills - a Mysteries on the Net murder mystery party game Their games include:

Mysteries on the Net also have a number of holiday games, including:

(Mysteries on the Net also have some kid's parties - click here for more details.)

These games are designed so that there are several suspects, each with a detailed character background and notes. Other guests, if you have them, can be assigned as investigators. They will have clues and will have the job of solving the crime. (Those guests with a role to play can also try to solve the crime - it depends on how many guests you have!)

Note that one character background isn't telling the whole truth - which means that even if you're playing the murderer, you won't necessarily know it yourself!

The Mysteries on the Net cost between $27.77 and $79.77 (US dollars) with most in the $33.77 -$37.77 range. You can use a currency converter to check the approximate cost in your own currency.

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