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The Final Curtain - an interactive murder mystery game
"Best party ever" is how one guest described to me a murder mystery game that I'd just hosted. She had played the murderer and had evaded detection - until the last moment when her villainy had been revealed!

In this website you'll find all the tips and tricks that I use to host a great murder mystery game - including links to some of my favorites.

What is a murder mystery game?

Briefly, these are themed parties. Each of the guests (and the host too) takes on a role for the evening - and one of the guests has committed the murder. During the course of the party, everyone tries to find out who the murderer is. (The murderer, meanwhile, tries to avoid detection!)

The games often include other plots, and everyone becomes involved in an evening of scheming, plotting and blackmailing each other.

I should point out that these games are slightly different to the "how to host..." boxed games that you can buy in the stores. Those parties are played in rounds, usually over a meal, and while I have enjoyed them, I've had much more fun (both in hosting and playing) with the interactive murder parties that I describe here.

I like these interactive games for several reasons:

Great murder mystery games   Great murder mystery games   Great Murder Mystery Games

Choosing a murder mystery game

It's not always easy working out which party you want to try, so I've tried to make it as easy as possible. In essence, you want to start with the number of guests you will be having at your party and then decide on a theme.

Hollywood Lies a murder mystery game

Click here to learn more about choosing a game.

Good clean fun - Worried about the content of some of the games? While none of them contain explicit sex or violence, some are more suitable than others if you have very conservative guests.

Click here to learn which parties are particularly suitable for conservative guests.

Kids - ?But what about children?? I hear you ask. Well, there are several ways to include kids in your games, including some games that are just for kids.

Click here to learn more about parties for kids.

Warning - please don't expect these parties to run themselves. They don't. What you will receive when you buy a game is the location of a downloadable pdf file, or files. The files contain all the instructions to run the party - including character backgrounds, invitations, the solution, clues and so on.

It will take you a couple of hours to prepare the game (print it out, prepare each guests' information, and so on) and I often do that in front of a favourite movie. You also have to prepare your venue, invite guests, arrange refreshments and everything else that a party needs!

Exclusive to the Internet

These games are only available on the Internet - direct from the publishers. You won't find them in the shops.

By the way, although I discuss the various murder mystery games on this site, please be aware that if you buy a game you are buying it from the publishers. Please remember to read their terms of trade.

Great Murder Mystery Games   Great Murder Mystery Games   Little black book - Great Murder Mystery Games

Murder mystery game hints and tips

I've lost count of the number of different games I've hosted or played, and over that time I've picked up a few hints and tips - both for playing a murder mystery party, and hosting one.

Tips for hosts include:

Click here for tips for hosting murder mystery games

Tips for guests include:

Click here for tips for being a guest

About me

So who am I and what makes me suited to writing this website?

This is me!Well, I've been writing, playing and hosting interactive games since about 1990. They aren't all murder parties - some of them have been more experimental, and quite a few of them have been downright awful. But over the years the quality of the parties has improved, and I've learned an awful lot about running and hosting these kinds of parties.

And I want to share some of my learning - I don't want you to make the same mistakes that I have!

I've even written three of the games that I sell through this site:I ran Hollywood Lies for work

Death on the Gambia - Spies and adventure in Darkest Africa in 1939. For 8 to 11 guests, plus one host.

Hollywood Lies - a modern-day murder mystery set in Tinseltown. For 16-32 guests, plus one host. (Includes a kid-friendly version.)

Halloween Lies - a horror-movie themed version of Hollywood Lies. For 16-32 guests, plus one host. (Includes a kid-friendly version.)

(I've also learned quite a lot about writing these games - but that's for another time perhaps. If you are interested in learning more, please do contact me.)

If you want to learn a bit more about me, .

Disclosure: I get commission from sales of the murder mystery games on this site. If you've found this site useful and want to help support it, please buy through my affiliate links.

Great Murder Mystery Games

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