Recommendation for 12 person Murder Mystery DInner?

Do you have a recommendation for a 12 person Murder Mystery DInner (11 people plus the host)? We are going to a cottage for New Years and want to play.

My response:

Sorry for the delay in responding to this. For those that can't tell, the question was submitted on 24 December, for a party, I believe, on New Year's Eve. I run this website on my own and I also take a break over the holidays, so I'm afraid I haven't had a chance to answer the question until now - and as it's 1st January, it's obviously too late.

I'm sorry for not replying earlier to your question and I hope that you found an appropriate party.

As to answering the question, I've written quite extensively on how to choose a suitable game elsewhere on my site. Click here to read Choosing a Murder Mystery Party Game.

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Step 2 - Review the Tips for Hosts for helpful advice.

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