Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas is a time for friends and families, for celebrations - and of course for throwing parties.

And what better way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas than with a murder mystery party?

Christmas party idea

These murder mystery games have either a Christmas theme, or can easily be adapted to a Christmas theme.

The Night before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

The Night before Christmas is for 12 to 15 guest, plus one host.

The Night before Christmas is set at a glamorous 1948 American cocktail party on Christmas Eve, and one of the valets has been murdered!

Click here to learn more about The Night Before Christmas.

snow business

Snow Business

Snow Business is for 10 to 12 guests, plus the host.

Two families are on a skiing holiday in the French Alps - but all is not well as feuds are brewing and murder is in the air.

Although Snow Business isn't specifically a Christmas party, it would be easy to give it a festive theme - just set it at Christmas!

Click here to learn more about Snow Business.

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