Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas party ideas: Christmas is a time for friends and families, for celebrations - and of course for throwing parties. And what better way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas than with a murder mystery party?

Hmm, perhaps you'd better not answer that...

Anyway, these murder mystery games all have a festive theme and are ideal for unique Christmas parties.

Idea #1: The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas - a festive murder mystery gameThe Night before Christmas is for 12 to 15 guest, plus one host. It is set at a glamorous 1948 American cocktail party on Christmas Eve, and one of the valets has been murdered!

Click here to learn more about The Night Before Christmas.

Idea #2: Snow Business

Snow Business - a murder mystery gameSnow Business is for 10 to 12 guests, plus the host. Two families are on a skiing holiday in the French Alps - but all is not well as feuds are brewing and murder is in the air.

Although Snow Business isn't specifically a Christmas party, it would be easy to give it a festive theme - just set it at Christmas!

Click here to download the Snow Business introductory pdf file and learn more about this great Christmas party idea.

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