bludgeoned on broadway

Bludgeoned on Broadway is a theatrical murder mystery party for 8-13 guests (plus one host) published by Freeform Games.

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the story

It's 1947 and along New York City's Broadway Avenue, theatres are stuffed to capacity with anxious spectators waiting to be entertained.

Inside the Arlington Theatre, it's the first scene of the new Broadway play Olympian Days, and leading actor Jackson Turner has failed to make his grand entrance!


He's been brutally murdered in his dressing room backstage...

how bludgeoned on broadway works

Bludgeoned on Broadway is an interactive murder mystery game, which means that all the players have full character details including a comprehensive backstory, goals that they should try to achieve, and information about other characters.

Bludgeoned on Broadway also provides players with items (representing guns, knives, fabulous jewels, banker's drafts and other clues) and abilities (that let them detect secrets and find out information about other people).

Interactive games are my favourite types of murder mystery game - I think they're much more entertaining than the other styles.

Bludgeoned on Broadway has a number of different plots to keep everyone busy. For example, there is a theatre bomber, communist activity and the Midwest Murderer.

the cast

The cast of Bludgeoned on Broadway includes:

  • The actors and actresses in Olympian Days
  • The Olympian Days production team
  • Various theatrical staff
  • Various outsiders - including the Mayor and a detective

the details

Instead of a formal dinner party, Bludgeoned on Broadway is better suited to a buffet meal or finger food.

Everyone needs to be able to talk quietly with each other - to plot and scheme and achieve their goals.

Bludgeoned on Broadway needs a dedicated host, someone to organize the game.

I really enjoy being the host - you know what's going on and can watch your friends scheme and plot and be devious to one another.

bludgeoned on broadway stories

Bludgeoned on Broadway

"Overall everyone had a great time. We had 5 teens and 4 adults. It was the first time trying this. Decided last minute (Monday) to do this party so a whirlwind of preparation with just 4 days to do it all and work too! I never thought I would make it when I opened that 26 page instruction booklet! My 14 year old daughter stepped up and helped and it all came together. We are thinking now to make these a new NYE tradition! Of course next year we will know to start a little sooner!" Dawn Ringer

how to get bludgeoned on broadway

Bludgeoned on Broadway is available from Freeform Games and costs $29.99 USD.

Click her to buy Bludgeoned on Broadway from Freeform Games.

Buy Bludgeoned on Broadway

or download the free intro file

Bludgeoned on Broadway

For more information about Bludgeoned on Broadwayclick here to download the free introductory pdf file which includes more details - including background, a full cast list, costume guide and invitations.

Disclosure: I am a partner at Freeform Games - feel free to ask me lots of questions! (I will also earn commission if you buy Bludgeoned on Broadway.)


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