Curse of the pharoh - is there an item table? Where do they go?

by Brad
(Cairo Egypt )

Hi, I hope this question isn't covered in the instruction manual. I’ve read it many times, but I’ve also been sleep deprived, so hopefully, I didn’t miss something.

Several items such as the sacrificial dagger, the fake scarab, and perhaps a few others, seem like they should be sitting out somewhere for all to observe. For me, it wasn’t clear In the instructions where exactly these items should be placed. Should there be a table in the middle of the venue where these items are placed for everyone to see?

Thanks for your help.
-Brad, in Cairo, Egypt.

My response:

Hi - I think you're right; it's not clearly explained.

The item table is in the items tent - it's where the items from the dig are kept.

There's only one item of importance (ie, one item with a card - which I won't name here but see page 12 of the instructions). There are no doubt other finds present - shards of pottery, fragments of statue and so on.

Normally I would suggest that anyone wanting to see the items tent/table sees the Host and they describe what they find. (I think maybe a "visiting the items tent" description for the host.)

But you could also create a physical items tent for your guests to look at whenever they like. (But I'd do that in a space away from the main game area.)

I hope that helps - I'll see about getting the game instructions updated to make it clearer.

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Jun 13, 2023
Thank you!
by: Brad

Thank you for your response! I ended up laying the items on an "item tent" table. It was fun because as the game progressed people realized that some of the items might be useful to them (of course, some were and some weren’t!). Someone stole the sacrificial dagger for instance and used it to fight with someone later in the game. It was quite fun! And the participants really got into their roles and after very upset about the thefts!

Jun 13, 2023
Items table added to instruction
by: Steve (GMMG)


Following your comment, Freeform Games have updated the instructions to Curse of the Pharaoh to talk about an optional items table that hosts can create if they want to.

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