Online Parties

With the arrival of 2020's coronavirus lockdown, many people have hosted online murder mystery parties.

Even as lockdown has been lifted, online parties have continued because they are often a convenient way for people to play.

An online party - using Discord to play a murder mystery game

While online parties are not a full substitute for a face-to-face murder mystery party, they do have their advantages:

  • It's fairly easy to get a dozen or so people together to play a game online.
  • You can play across dfferent timezones which means you can invite people who wouldn't normally play.

They do have some challenges though:

  • Choosing a video chat system that everyone can use (Zoom and Discord are good).
  • Allowing plenty of time to get technical difficulties sorted out.

Online Party Tips and stories

Online murder mystery parties: Tips for hosting a murder mystery online, using video chat such as Zoom or Discord.

Hosting Reunion with Death using Kumospace: My experience (and tips) for hosting Reunion with Death using Kumospace virtual space.

murder mystery GAMES for online play

While you can run almost any murder mystery game online, these games work particularly well online.

Cover of Reunion with Death - a girl drowning

Reunion with Death is for 6-9 people and is set at a 15-year high-school reunion, in smallish-town America. Former students are gathering in the town's main hotel, ahead of the big party tonight. But someone has been murdered and everyone is now locked in the hotel until the murder is solved!

Learn more about Reunion with Death.

Cover of Death in Venice - a luxury yacht

Death in Venice is for 5 to 9 people and is set aboard the luxury yacht Casanova following a post-award party at the Venice Film Festival. Controversial director Clay McFarland  is dead - and someone aboard the Casanova murdered him! 

Learn more about Death in Venice.


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Latest Game

MIE cover

Murder on the Istanbul Express - for 7-11 guests

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Here's my suggested quick route through the site:

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Step 2 - Review the Tips for Hosts for helpful advice.

Step 3 - If you want to keep up to date with the latest murder mystery game news, click on my What's New page.

Step 4 - Once you've had your party - tell me how it went! Click here to tell me your murder mystery party story.

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