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Murder mystery parties for serious sleuths - from as few as 7 players to as many as 100!

Mysteries on the net

Mysteries on the Net write mysteries for serious sleuths - you really need your detecting wits about you to solve these mysteries.

In these games the emphasis really is on solving the mystery - there's nothing else to get in the way and distract you.

Note that I am an affiliate of Mysteries on the Net and if you click through the link below and then buy a game, I earn a small amount of commission from the sale.

Death in them thar hills - from Mysteries on the NetDeath in them thar hills - a murder mystery from Mysteries on the Net

games include...

Death in them thar hills Set in 1880, two versions of this murder mystery are available. The Home version caters for 10 to 30 players, while the large-group version caters for more (over 100!)

The Cat Screamed at Midnight Set in 1936 in England, and Sir Hugo Smyth Ambruster is murdered... For 8+ people.

Death Bemoans Her An all-woman game for 10 to 100 people.

Evil on the Beach Set in 1928, ten years after the end of World War I, this is the most challenging of the mysteries. For 7+ people.

The Curse of the Comet Set in 1945, this mystery mixes archaeology with Hollywood and a mysterious comet. This is the easiest of the mysteries. For 6+ people.

Death Plays a Role Both theatrical and Irish, this murder mystery is ideal for both St Patrick's Day festivities and the dramatically inclined. For 8 to 40 people.

Quicker than the Eye Card tricks abound in this magical murder mystery for 8 to 40 people.

Death is a Cabernet, ol Chum A wine-themed murder mystery for 8 to 40 people.

Murder on the Petulant Express A railway-themed murder mystery for 8 to 40 people.

holiday games

Mysteries on the Net also have a number of holiday games, including:

Lurking down the Bunny Trail An Easter murder mystery game for 6 to 40 people.

Murder Most Green A St Patrick's Day game for 8 to 24 people.

I Loathe a Parade A 4 July game for 6 to 24 people.

Murder Plays a Sour Note A New Year's Eve game for 8 to 80 people.

The Disappearance of Death A Halloween game for 8 to 40 people.

Evil Never Dies Another Halloween game for 6 to 40 people.

I saw Mommy Killing Santa Clause A Christmas game for 6 to 30 people.

Twas the Night before Murder A Christmas game for 8 to 40 people.

Love Writes a Deadly Verse A poetic murder mystery for Valentine's Day for 10 to 50 people. (The large-group version caters for 100+)

kid's parties

Mysteries on the Net also have some kid's parties - for example:

The Shocking Case of Mystery Manor An all-girl mystery party set at a 13th birthday party. 

The Ghostly Case of The Haunted Amusement Park Find out why Mayor Siggy Hall's hairr turned white while riding the Ghost Train.

The Terrifying Case of Strange Island An all-boy party about a desert island where unexplained nighttime sights and sounds make a group of young adventurers fear that a gruesome beast lives on the island.

And many more.

Go to the Mysteries on the Net site to find out more.

how they work

Mysteries on the NetInspector Jack - the mastermind behind Mysteries on the Net

These games are designed so that there are several suspects, each with a detailed character background and notes.

Other guests, if you have them, can be assigned as investigators. They will have clues and will have the job of solving the crime.

Those guests with a role to play can also try to solve the crime - it depends on how many guests you have!

Note that one character background isn't telling the whole truth - which means that even if you're playing the murderer, you won't necessarily know it yourself!

how to buy

The Mysteries on the Net party games cost between $27.77 and $79.77 (US dollars) with most in the $33.77 -$37.77 range.

You can use a currency converter to check the approximate cost in your own currency.

Click here to go to the Mysteries on the Net site and learn more about their games.

how are these different from the other murder mystery parties?

By the way, if you're not sure what the difference is between these murder mystery games and other types of parties - click here to learn about the different types of murder mystery party games.


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