Murder mystery party games for up to 10 Guests

So you're looking for an interactive murder mystery party game for 10 or fewer people?

Great - the murder mystery games are listed below.

best-selling murder mystery party games

This page contains several murder mystery games, so to make it a little simpler, here are three of the best-selling games.

A Will to Murder - Set in a 1930s English stately home for 6 to 9 guests, plus one host.

The Final Curtain - Disaster strikes the Littledean Theatre Company in 1926. For 7 to 14 people.

Lei'd to Rest - Set at a luau on Hawaii. For 6 to 12 guests, plus one host.

more murder mystery party games

And more murder mystery party games...

Bludgeoned on Broadway - 1947 Broadway theatrics for 8 to 13 guests, plus one host.

Curse of the Pharaoh - Set in the Egyptian desert in 1894. For 6 to 19 guests, plus one host.

Davy Jones' Locker - it's 1785 and the pirate Blackheart is dead! For 10 to 15 guests, plus one host.

Death on the Gambia - Venture into the heart of the Dark Continent in 1939. For 8 to 11 guests, plus one host.

A Heroic Death - a superhero murder mystery for 8 to 12 guests, plus one host.

The Karma Club - set in a hippy commune in 1969. For 10 to 14 guests, plus one host.

Snow Business - A skiing holiday in the French Alps turns sour... For 10 to 12 guests, plus one host.

Way out West - A Wild West murder mystery game for 10 to 14 guests, plus one host.

Murder mystery party games for conservative groups

The following games are ideal for more conservative groups as they don't contain references to drugs and there are fewer shady characters than in the other games.

(Of course, I can't guarantee that someone won't find something in one of the games offensive - these games include murder after all. You know your guests and must use your own judgement.)

The Final Curtain - Disaster strikes the Littledean Theatre Company in 1926. For 7 to 14 people.

Way out West - A Wild West murder mystery game for 10 to 14 guests, plus one host.

Alternatively, if you're looking for kids games, click here.

fewer than 6 guests

The fewest number of guests in any of these murder mystery games is six - and with a host that makes seven.

The main reason for this is that the interactive groups really do need lots of players to work properly.

Also, uncovering the murderer is probably a lot easier when there are far fewer players involved!


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New GAme Lockdown Murder mystery

Reunion with Death - a lockdown murder mystery for 6-9 players played using online video chat. Click here for more details.

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