Gameplay in an interactive murder mystery game

by Tyler

What does the actual gameplay consist of?

The last murder mystery we did had a very minimal character description and three very simple rounds (as in answer the one question that was asked to you in front of the group and then immediately ask one other person one question and some minimal evidence to look at).

My group is looking for something just shy of a Broadway production with song and dance. They want to be engulfed in the character all night and have as much interaction as possible.

Leaning towards a Western theme, but can switch to something more character-diverse and or more costume-driven.



My response:

I'm sorry you had a bad experience. However, I think you would enjoy an interactive murder mystery game like the ones I recommend here.

I've written about how they work in a couple of places on my site (so do click here and here), but in summary, in an interactive murder mystery game like most of the ones I have here, each guest has a full character with a background and objectives. If they are the murderer they know that in advance (and they are trying to get away with it).

Each character will have several goals, most of which won't be about the murder. So they may be trying to find something, or persuade someone to do something.

Guests remain in character all evening, and it's up to them how they achieve their goals - there are no rounds (although sometimes there are timed announcements).

As you're interested in a Wild West game, I suggest you have a look at the free version of Way out West by Freeform Games. The free version is the same as the full version, but is just for 10 guests. (The full version caters for up to 24 guests.)

Click here to learn more about the free version of Way out West.

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