Murder mystery for high school group 38-44 people

by Alexandra

Hi! I work at a girls' high school, we'd like to put on a mystery murder event for them, approximately 35-45 students. If you would be able to recommend one or two mysteries that would be appropriate for the group, it would be so appreciated!

A few ideal conditions:
1) every guest gets to be a character

2) it's a religious high school, so preferably a more conservative plot. The murder aspect is okay, but affairs, drugs, etc would be an issue.

3) ideally can be played in 1-2 hours (a bunch I looked at seemed to need at least 3-4 hours)

4) the theme would provide an opportunity for them to dress up (any type of costumes are okay, doesn't need to be a specific time period or style)

Thank you very much!

My response:

Games for that size of group are all on this page.

However, they all take 3-4 hours. I don't know of any that can be done in less, sorry.

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