My Theme Party Handbook

by Diane

Hello! I have written a book -- do you think I can sell this to a publisher? If so, any advice or info you can give me would be very much appreciated1

Chez You!
The Personalized Theme Party Handbook

Have you ever wondered how to create a truly unique party? The kind of party that transports its guests to faraway places and times, such as Ancient Egypt, a Roaring 20’s Jazz Club or Heaven & Hell? Have you ever wished you could produce fun theme parties on a shoestring budget without the assistance of fancy tools or professional-level resources? Well now you can! Whether you expect one guest or one hundred – you, yes YOU, can host a theme party that will delight everyone in attendance.

Chez You! contains over 80 pages that walk you, step-by-step, through the planning of 30 different theme parties plus 6 of your own themes. If you fancy a more lively party, just add the suggested theme-specific competitive activities and hand out prizes to the lucky winners. Want even more suspense? Then go all out and follow our directions for turning your event into a mystery guessing game that will keep your guests busy and involved in discovering the identity of the theme-specific mystery person, who is finally revealed during dessert.

Whether you are in the mood for something as exotic as a Gypsy Caravan, as festive as a German Christmas Market, or as far-away as the Moon, Chez You! will guide you to success, or, if you simply can’t decide, then take your guests on a World Cruise! Each theme is broken down into detailed steps, such as developing the invitation, creating the atmosphere and planning the food. Whether your event will take place in a small room or a large reception hall, just follow the steps, add as much detail and personalization as you like, and then enjoy a very special Chez You! event.

The information in this book was gleaned from almost four decades of “Chez Diane” parties. But when YOU host a party, it will of course not be called Chez Diane, but Chez {Your Name} – such as Chez Susan or Chez William. Our original ad was “Chez Diane – Fine Food at a Price You can Really Afford!” At each event, Chez Diane opened another “location” somewhere in the world. Now YOU can also own your very own franchise – welcome to a world of fun!

My response:

Sounds like a great idea for a book - and if you can't interest any publishers I think I'd be tempted to take the self-publishing route and sell it via lulu or Cafepress or an affiliate system through websites like mine.

You might even want to create your own website/business - if you do, I suggest you check out Site Build It! which lets you create your own online business. (It's what I use for this site.)

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Nov 26, 2015
Hi there! NEW
by: Mimicq

I would definitely buy it!

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