One ending or is the murderer chosen at random?

by Susan Gregor

Hi there,

I really appreciate your website and your general advice. I've been hosting murder mystery games for my son's birthday every year. He's now 16. We've used most of the games (for up to 10 players) on the market.

We prefer games that can only be played once (ie where there is one murderer) rather than some of the other games on the market where anyone can be the murderer.

Can you recommend a game of 8-10 players where this is the case?

We've also been frustrated at the old technology (CDs etc) on the more traditional games so it would be good to know if any audio provided is downloadable?

Many thanks

My response:

The games on my site all have one ending - so the murderer is predetermined and the plots all work around that. (I am also less convinced about games where anyone can be the murderer.)

The interactive games often have other plots, so there's always more going on than just solving a murder.

This page contains games for 8-10 players.

You might try The Final Curtain, Murder on the Istanbul Express or Bludgeoned on Broadway, but pick a theme you're interested in.

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Nov 19, 2021
Old technology
by: Steve (GMMG)


I've just realised that I forgot to answer your questions about technology.

I don't think any of the games here use CDs or mp3 downloads. In most cases, there's no need - the host reads out any announcements that are needed.

(And if you want sound effects, they can easily be found on the Internet.)

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