Order arrival

by Rivers

Hi, I just purchased a murder mystery A Will to Murder earlier this week that I am hoping to use for my birthday party on Friday (I know its last minute).

It hasn't arrived in my inbox yet... I am wondering how long they normally take to arrive. My email is xxxxxx@gmail.com. I have a receipt from Paypal, I am worried I typed my email wrong when I purchased it. If you could help out that would be great (this is the only place I saw to contact)

My response:

Hi - I checked with FFG and found your email, so that's okay. I can see that the password email was sent (it's usually sent immediately) to your address. The email has been resent (both from Freeform Games and I've sent you a copy), so should be with you now. Maybe the original went into your spam folder?

If that still fails, either get in touch with Freeform Games here or get back in touch with me.

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