Pub Crawl Murder Mystery

by Zen

I was looking up a template for a Murder Mystery Pub Crawl when I came across your site.

The idea is to have a Pub Crawl while receiving clues at each of the bars. Lets say 10 bars, we are at each one for 45 minutes. In that time they will somehow receive clues. At the last bar the teams will be able to solve the crime.

I was wondering if you had something like this or if you would be interested in creating something like this?

My Response:

Hi - that sounds like a really interesting idea, but it's somewhere outside my experience and I'm afraid I wouldn't know where to begin.

If you do get it going, I'd love to hear about it. And maybe someone who reads this might have done one before.

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Oct 17, 2015
Murder Mystery Pub Crawl Structure NEW
by: Stefan

I had the same idea of a murder mystery pub
crawl with multiple venues, probably 4-5 max.

Overall Structure: a group of friends
have arranged to go on a pub crawl, and
during the pub crawl, one of them is killed.
Who did it? Why? And how? The where isn't needed
as that will be clear, unless one gets into

Note that there are *actors* who play parts, and then *audience* members, and these are distinct.

pub#1. The audience and the actors are at pub#1.
The audience, through the interactions of
the actors, gets acquainted with them
and their relationships, motivations, and
general reasons why they might kill someone.
Some event(s) are staged, and then audience
members can talk to actors.

pub#2. This is where some actor gets killed.
Again, this is an event, and questions can be

pub#3. More information is gathered, further
events. An actor in the role of the police
might get involved at this point, and be
interviewing actors in their roles.

pub#4. Another event, further information,
questions asked etc.

pub#5. Solution is provided.

It is obvious from this description that
considerable efforts would be required
to pull off this kind of event. It
might 4-6 actors, and they would need
to move from venue to venue themselves.
Working with pubs that are very close
to each other might help here.

I will say that, if such an event existed,
I would love to attend. It would be,
as we say in California, be "a blast".
Of course the members of the audience
might also be affected by the amount
of alcohol they consume on the way,
but that would all be part of the fun.

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