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by Barry
(Laval France)

Chateau at Night

Chateau at Night

We are planning on hosting a murder mystery weekend in a Chateau in the Loire in France.

Guests would get exclusive use of the Chateau Estate, all food and drink and play a character in the death at the Chateau murder mystery. It would effectively be a weekend spa break with a murder mystery in a luxury Chateau. There will be 3 actors, one known and two unknown + up to 16 guests. The weekend would be Friday - Sunday.

My question is, how do we get the word out or advertise, we are looking to do a series of these but there don't seem to be many luxury murder mystery weekends!

My response:

Hi - that's a long way out of my area of experience!

I don't have any experience with that kind of marketing - and I don't think there is a luxury murder mystery weekend market yet, so you're forging new ground there.

And I'm not sure how active the murder mystery scene is in France, so you may need international travellers.

I think you will need professional marketing help I'm afraid!

Good luck with your venture!

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