halloween party Ideas for kids (and adults)

If you're looking for Halloween party ideas for kids and adults, you've come to the right place. This Halloween, why don't you throw a murder mystery party and give everyone a night to remember!

all hallow's eve

A spooky Halloween relicThe bone idol - a spooky artefact found in Death on the Gambia

Halloween was originally a Celtic festival celebrating the end of summer and has been celebrated ever since in various guises all over the world.

Halloween is a shortening of "All Hallow's Eve" - because it's the evening before All Hallow's Day (All Saint's Day) on 1 November.

It's a time when, according to some traditions, the boundaries between the spirit and material worlds blur and magic is at it's most potent...

Halloween is also a time of parties and partying - which neatly brings me to my Halloween party ideas for kids and adults: themed murder mystery parties.

Here I've listed the murder mystery parties that I think are particularly suitable for a Halloween bash.

My criteria for choosing is straight forward - if it has "spooky" elements (or has great opportunities for costuming), then I've listed it.

halloween lies

Cover to the Halloween Lies murder mystery game.

Set in the modern day, Halloween Lies takes place during the Halloween-theme costume party for The Vampire Detective, a fabulously successful horror movie.

However, all is not well as the star, Tom Speed has died suddenly in a car crash last night.

Was it foul play? (Go on - take a guess...)

Halloween Lies is for 16 to 32 guests (plus the host). It is suitable for guests aged 12+.

Click here to learn more about Halloween Lies.

curse of the pharaoh

Cover to the Curse of the Pharaoh murder mystery game.

It's 1984 and Sir William Saville is throwing a dinner party to celebrate his latest discovery - a previously undiscovered Egyptian tomb.

However, one of his diggers has been murdered...

Egyptian magic, artefact smuggling and an ancient curse - it all happens in Curse of the Pharaoh.

Curse of the Pharaoh is for 6 to 19 guests (plus the host). It is suitable for those aged 18 and over.

Click here to learn more about Curse of the Pharaoh.


Spellbound, a magic school mystery party

Set in the Tremaine School of Magic, Spellbound takes place on the last day before the summer break - and the Headmaster has been attacked!

Last night a red cross was painted on his door and this morning the Headmaster, Professor Bennet, has lost his memory!

Someone has used magic to attack the Headmaster - but who?

Spellbound is for 13-17 guests (plus one or two hosts). It is suitable for guests aged 12 and over.

Click here to learn more about Spellbound.

The Roswell Incident

Cover for The Roswell Incident - an alien-themed murder mystery game

It is 1947 and something has crashed outside Roswell, New Mexico. Is it a weather balloon? Is it a secret military jet? Is it something else - a flying saucer?

Whatever it is, the army, FBI, and more have come to Roswell to find out!

The Roswell Incident is an alien-themed murder mystery game for 10-13 guests (plus one host).  It is suitable for guests aged 12 and over.

Click here to learn more about The Roswell Incident.

Murder at Sea

Cover to the Murder at Sea murder mystery party game.

It is 1914 and as war is declared in Europe the Captain of an Atlantic luxury cruise liner is murdered in front of the passengers and crew.

Diplomats, officers, businessmen, journalists and more are all mixed up in this shipboard murder mystery.

Murder at Sea is for 17 to 33 guests (plus the host).  It is suitable for guests aged 15 and over.

Click here to learn more about Murder at Sea.

Halloween party idea for kids and adults

And if these ideas don't excite you, you can find more ideas for your Halloween party on the rest of my site. Check out these other themes here, or start with my easy-to-follow process for choosing a murder mystery game.

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Cover for A Purrfect Murder

A Purrfect Murder - a cat-themed murder mystery for 9-12 guests.

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